A platform dedicated to bringing you an incredible experience in a DATA CLEAN ROOM with its secure features that protects user privacy. It is web-based and does not involve any download or installation of applications.

Why do you need KROOM?

Cookies on website browsers will be gone by 2023. Therefore, users' data will no longer be saved by any websites. Subsequently, advertisers and search engines will be impacted. Soon, institutions will need a new platform to gather and build relationships with new audiences and clients.

KROOM is suitable for usage on any occasion. It even works well in rural areas, because of the technology used to power KROOM. This will be advertising's new revolution, as we are the first of its kind.

How to utilise KROOM for your business?

Premium Users who subscribe to KROOM will receive an empty room. They may integrate their e-commerce and social media services in a particular section, while using the streaming and broadcasting features for their consumers.

KROOM is with KPI made for Advertisers

Keep People Informed, Keep People Interested, Keep People Inspired, Keep People Involved

Inside your KROOM

  • Private & Secured Virtual Office

  • Real-Time Newsroom

  • Real-Time Virtual Shop

  • Immersive Experience

  • International Virtual Exhibition Centre (IVEC)

  • Real-Time Virtual Concert

  • Real-Time Virtual Showroom

  • Real-Time Virtual Cinema

  • Real-Time Virtual Classroom

  • Integrate / Create Own Metaverse

  • Integrate GIFs

  • HTML 5 Compliant Content

  • Widgets

  • Integrate Own Social Media

  • E-Commerce

  • Payment Gateway